The mobile industry is a fast-changing industry with technological innovations that are bringing in amazing experiences for consumers. There are newcomers in the industry taking the older and trusted brands to the market, while the top brands are also taking their innovation with technological advancement to the next level. Nowadays, consumers are left with a wide range of brands when it comes to phone brands. Consumers are looking for a better display, larger screen, and great picture resolution, amongst other amazing features.

You can learn more about the different phone brands from US-Reviews, and read reviews about multimedia product stores to check out customer reviews about these phones. However, there are some big brands that you will consider over other brands because of their amazing features and the trust they have created over the years. The brands listed below are presently the biggest brand for smartphones you should consider based on customer reviews over the years.

1.  Samsung

Samsung can be regarded as the biggest brand today because of its popularity and the number of users. It has edged out iPhone because they have more users and mobile phones sold by the South Korean company. Over the years, they have continued to manufacture high-end phones. Still, they recently have opted to produce affordable phones with high-end features, increasing their popularity over the years.

2.  Apple

Apple came second only to Samsung because of the unique Apple store that is not open to all developers. It is one of the best smartphones, and they keep coming up with the latest iPhone series with top-class innovation. And they have been known to be the pioneer of some of the latest technologies used in modern smartphones for the best experience. Iphones are a luxury brand depicting an expensive lifestyle, and they have some of the best features unique only to the brand.

3.  Huawei

Huawei is a popular phone brand based in China, and they have a wide user base globally. Smartphone. The brand boost of amazing camera quality, beautiful design, and fast-performing processor improves users’ experience. The brand has been around for a long time, and they have continued to develop themselves over the years.

4.  Oppo

Oppo is one of the new players in the smartphone industry, and they have quickly developed their brand, gaining top position in the industry. One of the unique features of the Oppo brand is its superior camera technology, which users found appealing. But they have continued to improve other qualities that have made the phone become one of the top brands presently. Oppo has been impressed with their marketing campaign, with sponsorship with top celebrities that have helped build trust in the brand.

5.  Vivo

Vivo is a China-based company that has taken the industry on several frontiers in manufacturing phones, accessories, and software for the mobile industry. The company is relatively new, founded in 2009, and they have made considerable strides to stand among the top phone brands globally.

6.  Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing phone brands globally, with the latest technological approach in creating amazing phone experiences. They have continued to invest in advertisement massively and gaining huge popularity that has created trust over the years. You can check out some of the amazing reviews to learn more about these brands.

You can easily compare the various phone brands available on multimedia stores by reading reviews from customers who have used these phones. However, the above brands have been listed as the top brand presently based on their popularity, features, and technological innovation.