Buy medicine at pharmacies, Online Pharmacy or other authorized facilities. This recommendation is often regarded as a mere slogan, even though buying drugs at an unauthorized/illegal facility is full of risks such as counterfeit drugs, the drug exceeds the expiration date and illegal drugs that do not have a distribution permit number. All of these conditions certainly affect the quality, efficacy, and safety of the drug. By using drugs that are purchased from non-authorized/illegal facilities, consumers can obtain benefits not as expected or even cause new problems that are worse for health.

We recommend that we need to know about the types of drugs and their circulation. There are free drugs that are marked with a green circle logo. There are also limited free drugs, namely drugs that can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription in limited quantities and are marked with a blue circle logo. We can buy these two types of drugs freely without prescribing them at pharmacies, drug stores or stalls.

Other types of drugs are ethical drugs. Drugs with a red circle logo with the letter K in it must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription, meaning that those who use hard drugs are under the supervision of a doctor. This type of drug can only be distributed in authorized facilities, namely pharmacies, hospitals or medical centers.

But don’t be surprised if we find the three types of drugs above on the black market or rather the illegal market. It can be ascertained that most of the facilities in the illegal market do not have permission to distribute drugs.

The price of drugs in the illegal market is sometimes cheaper than the pharmacy, but do not ask about the quality, efficacy, and safety because there is absolutely no guarantee.

The existence of drugs in the illegal market is doubtful because it is not supported by official documents and is clear about the origin of the drugs they sell.

The distribution of drugs should be equipped with legal documents, from the document the supervisors can trace the origin of the drugs purchased and sold.

This document can also be used as a reference for supervisory officers to conduct checks on pharmacies, licensed drug stores, pharmaceutical wholesalers and drug manufacturers.

As an institution that has the right to conduct supervision, the Government routinely conducts various checks on illegal markets. Various findings have been processed and forwarded to the public prosecutor for further submission to the trial.

Drug companies in the illegal market can still survive and tend to increase. This is partly due to the criminal sanctions imposed on them so far have not provided a deterrent effect. Most court decisions against perpetrators of violations are imprisonment and or criminal penalties.

Generic: Affordable and Efficacious

Consumers need to be caring and smart so that they are not entangled and become victims of drugs whose origins are not clear. There is no need to fear the relatively expensive price of buying drugs at the pharmacy because there are also generic drugs at affordable prices whose quality, efficacy and safety are the same as those that are more expensive. The quality, efficacy, and safety of generic drugs are guaranteed because they are made based on good methods of drug production.

To get a drug at an affordable price, ask the doctor to write a prescription for a generic drug or we can just ask the pharmacist to give the medicine with the same efficacy as a prescription drug, but a more affordable price.

Drugs can be classified as follows:


Signed with a green circle with a black border.
Can be obtained at all outlets.


Signed with a blue circle with a black border
This type of drug should only be sold in pharmacies and licensed drug stores.


Marked with a red round circle with a black border, with the letter K in the middle that touches the edge.
These drugs should only be sold at pharmacies.